Automation and Process Automation System Migration

As systems grow, factories are merged or technologies change, we are sometimes left with an automation or process automation system that does not quite fit with what we want, or does not work to the current company standard.

By analyzing your current system, and using the latest best practices from the industry and system suppliers, various system options can be advised, varying on size of budgets as well as length of available down time to do the migration.

Infinite Process Solution is able to provide the following services to customers with regards to system migrations:

  • Auditing of existing systems (Both hardware and software)
  • Migrating of software between suppliers
  • Hardware migration that will best incorporate existing wiring and third party equipment
  • Commissioning of new system
  • Training and hand over to production and maintenance.

Infinite Process Solution can help you map out a plan to migrate both your hardware and software to the latest specification of your chosen supplier. We will also work within all company standards making sure that your factory is in line with all corporate models.