Automation and Process Automation System Upgrades

Operating a factory or system on outdated hardware and unsupported software exposes your business to much higher operating risks.

The chances of hardware failure becomes higher as equipment gets older, and sourcing older unsupported hardware becomes an expensive and timely process, which exposes your business to extended periods of down time when things do go very wrong.

As Windows XP is no longer supported (Support was stopped by Microsoft in April 2014), most (if not all) IT departments are migrating or moving their systems to Windows 7 or newer. Many older automation and process automation systems are not able to run on the new operating systems, and require upgrading. This leaves your automation or process automation system, unsupported, and your factory left standing if failure has to occur.

Infinite Process Solution can work with your company to plan and execute a smooth transition from your old hardware to the latest hardware platform of your choice. Infinite Process Solution can also assist with migrating your automation and process automation software to the latest version to make sure that your system is compliant with the latest operating systems and fully supported by your IT infrastructure.

Infinite Process Solutions can also audit your site to work out what the cost of upgrading your system will be VS what the cost of your business left standing when outdated hardware or software fails.